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What We Do: Calgary Professional Chapter

Chapter Vision

Poverty is many things – on the surface, it is the inability to obtain adequate food, water shelter and basic health care, all of which are necessary for a decent human existence. At a deeper level, poverty is inextricably complex and caused by a number of factors such as poor or inadequate: governance, infrastructure, economic policies, laws (and/or their implementation) and political leaders (to name a few). Above all, the dynamics of poverty and power cannot be overlooked. Our city has steadily experienced rise in homelessness since 2016, and Is projected to rise further.

Calgary professional chapter , envisions creating and cultivating a community of engaged and critically-thinking individuals who are passionate about international development and who question the status quo or established paradigms of the field. We endeavor to establish a vibrant community, engaged through three primary focal areas: a) advocacy; b) member investment; and c) corporate engagement, working towards advancing, and contributing to, EWB’s efforts here at home and across Africa. Ultimately, we see great untapped potential within the our ever growing City and we encourage you to be a part of this movement towards the elimination of poverty.

Some of the key chapter initiatives are as follows:


2. Corporate Engagement

3. Engineering Leadership

4. Political Advocacy


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